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Autoclave explosion prevention?

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Autoclave explosion prevention:
1. Response to strengthen safety education and training of workers, operatives should strictly abide by the process and labor discipline, must strictly follow the safety rules and operations technology. Business executives to understand the basics of the pressure vessel and the laws and regulations, autoclave operatives to go through professional training certificates.
2. Use the unit should strictly abide by relevant state pressure vessel laws, regulations and standards, safety interlock alarm devices installed in the curing tank to prevent accidents due operator misuse. To purchase has design, manufacturing qualification units designed and manufactured products. Regular inspection to ensure the tank, safety valve, pressure gauge, Open the door alarm device is safe and effective to use. Autoclave repairs and renovation, pressure vessels shall comply with the provisions of the security technology to monitor and ensure its structure and strength to meet the safety requirements. Enterprises should formulate and improve equipment management system, not free modification of pressure vessels. No open flames, do grounded to prevent static electricity. Commissioning autoclave must register after issuing quality inspection departments.
3. In pre-production, we must be careful to check for curing tank, tank obstacles and clear the debris, the better feed quality. Raw materials and finished products stacked to meet safety requirements. Lid fastening screws should be complete, intact. Equipment ancillary instrumentation, signal, pressure gauge, safety valve should regularly check. Mechanical bearings and other decorative required lubrication. Curing tank leaks, pressure gauge and relief valve failure and other irregularities when forbidden to continue working. Strict control of feeding amount, rate, sequence, temperature, pressure, in strict accordance with the pressurized curing process requires heating to prevent the temperature inside the tank, a sharp increase in pressure, the temperature difference over pressure. Prohibited device sick to run.
4. Materials out of the tank, the bridge rail to straighten flat, gently pull the car over rail steady push, allowed rapid collision, to prevent the dumping wounding. Iron into the tank after the insurance card firmly. Even the exhaust qi, reduce flammable gas mixture content. When deflated, the steam pressure drops to zero, no residual pressure can be confirmed only open in the middle and the entrance closed, otherwise forbidden to open the lid. When the lid seam evenly tighten the nut should not have leakage phenomenon. Intake slowly, observe the pressure gauge readings, pay attention to gauge whether failure. When at work, such as found in piping, valves, meters and there is a strong tank leakage and other faults, you should immediately turn off the valve and the exhaust valve opens, and the Times repair.
5. Work to focus, stick to their posts, always pay attention to the functioning of the device, as well as the security situation around. When curing, autoclave operating workers should inspect the side, standing in front of the lid is prohibited, the nose and the back of the lid commissure, and pay attention to the valve and pipe joints to prevent the steam out of the assault. When people are not allowed to work from. Loaded, the tank when driving to work closely with and to comply with work safety rules linked.
6. Work to cut off the end of the power switch, check all the buttons, the handle is in the zero position; close all valves steam, water, etc., open backwater valve. Earnestly process and transfer records. Prohibit the vulcanization tank rest and their clothing. Non-empty baking other items.
7. Encountered unusual circumstances, should take emergency measures to promptly report evacuated if necessary.
By taking these precautions, the traditional autoclave curing equipment for rubber products, will be able to prevent and reduce the occurrence of explosion. But as people vulcanization process improvements, the use of advanced steam / nitrogen curing media approach, using controlled temperature, pressure and other mechanical and electrical integration technology to further improve the reliability of existing equipment, operability and automation level, the rubber vulcanization more secure.

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